Happy New Year 2022!

2020 has been an unusual year, but we are grateful for all that God has provided.

While several in the family have experienced Covid19, we have been spared any serious illness.

We have had multiple opportunities to visit with family and friends despite the challenges, so we have not felt isolated.

Work-wise, my role with Wavechanger wrapped up in January so I spent the next months developing a online video course about Anger.    I also have a blog about Marriage that I write for. 

Lou Ann enjoys her garden, gourmet cooking, her grandchildren, KC Chiefs football, and meets weekly with our close friends, community group and a Bible Study Fellowship group.  She continues to work remotely on a part-time basis for a counselor and a doctor.

We have done a lot of painting and minor upgrades around the house, updated our kitchen and added automation to lights and sprinklers.  Things are in better shape than ever….

We are still serving in RE|ENGAGE and work with multiple couples each year.  We love seeing marriages restored, relationships strengthened and divorce proceedings cancelled.

We were able to take several short trips this year to Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Thank you for your friendship, encouragement and prayers during this year of 2020!

Here are some pictures of 2020…  You can click on them to enlarge the view, then click “X to exit.

Here are updates for our extended Family!

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